Hot Dog

“Man does not live by foie gras alone. It’s a noble thing to make a damn good hot dog.” -Anthony Bourdain

I fully subscribe to the Bourdainian school of thought. Visit any country and you will find this universal street food in some form (go ahead and skip India). Be it pork, beef, rabbit, rattlesnake or tofu, once you put enough relish and mustard on it, I’m bound to eat it.

Today happened to be a lucky day for the Gourmet. I didn’t bring a lunch to work and used the opportunity to sample something I’d never had: a gas station hot dog.

On a road trip to Vegas, my friend Morgan got a hankering for a Chevron hot dog and indulged. Us snooty friends never looked at her the same afterward. And by that, I mean our upper lips were permanently curled in disgust.

Upon entering the gas station I made a beeline for the warm tasties section and the hot dog machine was easy to find. There were cheesy varieties and fancy varieties, but I opted for the one titled “FRANK”. I got myself an all-white, gluten-rich bun from the drawer below:

How compact and easy this process is! One box contains (almost) everything you need to have a meat treat. On a side note, I swear none of the gas station employees had to direct me to the buns.

My choices of toppings were a little out of the ordinary for me: ketchup, mustard, relish, onions and jalapeños. I would normally add mayonnaise and skip the onions, but I was counting on the latter as a serving of vegetables. The best part about the bun wrapper? You have a lustrous carrying case for your dog, dawg! Be sure to keep that thing away from raccoons.

What stood out about the first bite was the amalgamation of familiar flavors and that “snap” and “pop” when your teeth break through the end of the frank. Overall, a pleasant experience.

The second bite was just as great as the first but by bite #3 something started taking over. That sweet, processed, white bun was overpowering the other flavors in my dog. And the same flavor lingered, along with the jalapenos. But, the oniony zest and relish sweetness harmonize well to complement the frank. The ketchup and mustard really take a back seat in the equation. As my last bite was chewed and swallowed, I reminsced of the well-known tastes my lunch provided.

You can’t really screw up a hot dog, aside from grilling it for too long, but the shriveled Franks (Franks over 60, as I like to call them) are easy to void. The dog itself is thick, juicy and really fills you up.

Nutrition Info: Unknown, and probably better that way.


2 comments on “Hot Dog

  1. So, you are saying that you have uncurled your upper lip and that my hankering wasn’t so distasteful after all? 🙂

  2. […] with you, my dear readers, I rarely eat the entire package of the foods I sample (except for that delicious hot dog). They aren’t that healthy and I try to be conscious of it. However, these pretzel pieces […]

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