Nutter Butter

“Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter.”

-US President James A. Garfield

I promise not every entry will start with a quote, I’m just riffing off yesterday’s words of wisdom from living legend Anthony Bourdain. Not only is it a beautiful quote, it also happens to be completely bullshit. I knew something was up when I remembered Garfield was assasinated in 1881 (I have a thing for palindromes) and made sure to Wiki (big ups!) when exactly peanut butter came about.

Fun Friday Fact: Peanut Butter was concocted in the 1890’s as a means to provide the toofless elderly with a source of protein. PB-making machine not patented until 1903.

And of course I had to delve further as a means of providing some actual substance to my writing. The Associated Press, which I will will reference as AP from here on out so please keep up, cited this quote in print in 1964 on a supermarket sign in St. Louis.

All you need to know about the cookies themselves is they were introduced in 1969, which abbreviates to ’69, which…. well, you get the picture. All these dates, of course, are completely unrelated to the experience of eating one.

Nabisco does not joke about these little cuties: The cookies are peanut-shaped with a lovely grid to imitate the legume’s texture. Such literal food design is something I can get on board with. Peanut butter pokes out cheekily from some sides, like the little buggers are sticking their tongues out at you. This, obviously, makes you feel completely justified for biting into them.

The first bite of my first-ever Nutter Butter is pleasantly crunchy. The cookie itself is thin with a little bit of a crisp and doesn’t crumble when bit into like an Oreo. With a manageable layer of creamy peanut butter in the center, the ratio of cookie to filling really is something to write home about. But after the first bite was chewed and swallowed, it tasted like I was munching on sugar with a hint of peanut butter. Not that this is a terrible thing; I just knew I, personally, would not be able to finish all four cookies – and thank goodness because they are more than 60 calories each.

Nutter Butters are yummy and sweet, but definitely not a light snack. Unless you are an Olympic athlete or expert bulimic, I would suggest sharing this package with someone.

Nutrition Info (per bag)

Calories 250, 12.5% DV
Total Fat 10g, 15% DV
Sugars 16g

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calories diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


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