National Chocolate Chip Day: Mini Chips Ahoy!

If you’re reading this you’re either: a. lost, b. my mother or c. my boyfriend.

Considering you are option a, or secret option d (someone who actually wants to be here), this entry is about to get really personal.

As a young fob all you really want to do is assimilate. You tell your mom to stop talking to you in her native language, you pretend to know what the hell TRL is and you get a very spotty acquaintance with the local culture.

That being said, me eating Chips Ahoy! cookies are complete throwbacks to my childhood. I thought chocolate chip cookies (along with brownies and mac ‘n’ cheese) only came out of a box. Sure, they’re much more crisp and less aromatic than the version your mothers and grandmothers pulled out of the oven. Sure, the cookies-with-a-face commercials are more than creepy. But to maintain some form of integrity on this most hallowed of national holidays (unlike Memorial Day, I actually understand what this one is about) – I have strayed from the original.

Cue Mini Chips Ahoy! The bag is the same obnoxiously bright blue and definitely a neater way to snack than the original. One small rip and there they are. the cute counterparts to my much-enjoyed childhood snack.

Already anticipating the impressive crunch, I take my first bite. No, I’m the kind of person who won’t just pop these in my mouth whole. And yes, you are allowed to roll your eyes at me. But back to the cookie. The first bite covers your lips in the ubiquitous Chips Ahoy! dust. They are crunchy and the opposite of chewy, but will definitely appease a craving for both chocolate and something sweet.

Now that I’ve grown up I have learned how to make my own chocolate chip cookies. These cookies lack the varied texture of a freshly baked cookie – they are the same consistency all the way through. Also, all you taste are the chocolate chips and sugar. There are no nuts or surprise seasoning.What you see it what you get with these cookies. However, after having stacked them on my desk at work, I did notice they do have a chocolaty cookie smell that I forgot about. Not as aromatic as freshly baked, but it’s there.

Don’t let the minuscule size fool you. At 30 calories a pop, these little guys do add up!

Nutrition Info (per bag)

Calories 420, 21% DV
Total Fat 20g, 31% DV
Sugars 24g

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calories diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


2 comments on “National Chocolate Chip Day: Mini Chips Ahoy!

  1. I’ve always preferred my Chips Ahoy CHEWY

  2. I’m an unfortunate food snob and usually shun packaged cookies…until a Chips Ahoy! bag appears in the house and then I devour the whole thing. Ah, Chips Ahoy! dust.

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