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Mmmonday: Sno Balls

Today’s treat needs no formal introduction. Either you’ve had them and hate them (i.e. everybody I’ve asked) or have been enticed by the brilliant pink on the other side of a thin layer of plastic. Yes, my friends, we start off the week with Hostess Sno Balls. They look like Malibu Barbie’s wedding cake and taste well, I’m getting ahead of myself …

Before I even approach the taste description, these desserts just look punny. That’s right: Punny. They have the word “balls” in the name and are two perfect, pink globes. That’s right: Globes. Another pair of spheres these guys resemble. Actually, I could get caught on this slippery slope for ages.

Have you ever tried poking these things? I try lifting one up and immediately stop as I am surprised by the spring, spongy texture. As curious as can be, I pick one up to examine it further and find CHOCOLATE stuck to the bottom of the packaging. How could people bemoan the existence of anything that is part-chocolate? At this point I knew anybody who warned me against this delight was crazy and I took a big ol’ bite.

Yum! The wtf-this-definitely-isn’t-found-in-nature texture trademark of Hostess cakes is definitely there. The grainy, coconut outside gives way to a considerable marshmallow layer. Below that the same chocolate cake and creamy filling we’ve grown accustomed to in Ding Dongs, Ho Hos, et al.

Don’t get me wrong, I see exactly what people find off-putting. It feels like you’re chewing on a yoga mat and sponge hybrid. But no Hostess snack tastes anywhere near something you can pull out of an oven. I’d like to think that from this texture to the bright pink exterior, these Sno Balls are more honest about what they are: artificial, creepy and probably not a great thing to put in your body.

Promise me one thing. Whatever you do, don’t read the ingredients.

Nutrition Info (per container)

Calories 360, 18% DV
Total Fat 11g, 17% DV
Sodium 440 mg, 18% DV

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.

For an extensive history on Sno Balls, visit the Hostess site.


One comment on “Mmmonday: Sno Balls

  1. I remember those – I didn’t know they were still around…

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