Trolli Apple Os

I did it. Again. I was tempted by the sugary promises and bright colors in the non-chocolate candy aisle. And I, once again, have horrible, horrible news.

Namely that all you Trolli fans out there are going to have beef (or rather, gummy) with me after you read this: I do not like Apple Os.

I was enticed by both the packaging and the need to spread out my taste buds around the gas station. And by that I mean make my rounds through the food types, not lick the merchandise. Trolli’s bag is magenta, blue and green (as pictured above … with my really bad cell phone camera #MomentsIMissMyOldBlackberry) with a little window so that the innocuous little Os can stare out at you.

But do not be fooled! My favorite kind of sugary candy is the half-colored, half-white kind. I’ve never needed to know what the white stuff is, I will eat it no matter what. However, I am accustomed to the variety found on those tasty little gummy sharks. Apple Os are another beast entirely.

Opening the bag emits an aroma. It’s definitely artificial, but strong and exciting. Before I  even try one I decide to get a little artsy with my candy. By doing this:

Very pre-Bauhaus Kandinsky, wouldn’t you say?

And, to be harsh but very honest, the smell and the gorgeous contemporary art combined were the highlight of my Trolli experience.

I don’t want to go into great detail, but let’s just say the sugar coating is beyond ridiculous. If it’s a gummy candy that ISN’T sour, then leave the sugar coating be. It’s nice on sour worms and makes sense on punch straws; but gummy plus mystery white stuff plus a healthy portion of sugar was diabetes inducing. And not in the good way.

The sugar coating is really the downfall here. It hijacks what I assume would be a decent apple flavor and crashes it into your towering taste center. Too soon, I know. Hence the edit.

I often comment on a food’s aftertaste and I am left wanting with these little guys. As a fan of Trolli’s worms, these Apple Os pale in comparison. Basically, sour worms are the green side of the Apple O, while Apple Os are the white side of the Apple O. That’s how pale.

And, I really do not want to make any enemies here, but Trolli’s parent company, Farley’s & Sather, has one of the most boring sites ever. Yes, I just called them out.

Besides, one peek at the nutrition info confirmed that I would rather spend all these calories and crazy grams of sugar on something that will wow me with flavor.

Nutrition Info (per bag)

Calories 390, 19.5% DV
Sugars 69g
Protein 6g

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


2 comments on “Trolli Apple Os

  1. Had to click, and yes, that’s some fine web design, for the 90s! 😉

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