Rockstar Coconut Water

I overtly roll my eyes at the coconut water fad. I like water far too much to drink that nasty stuff simply for hydration. I also happen to think all energy drinks are nonsense if they’re not Redbull (read my Redbull Thirsty Thursday post to find out why). That’s right, I’m kind of a beverage hater.

Side note: To be clear, I do not like the taste of pure coconut water. I’ve had some flavors, which are semi-bearable and like chocolate ZICO … a lot.

But when I walked into the gas station this morning, I saw this:

Excuse the back lighting.

Which I found excessive seeing that this was already a mainstay:

Holy heart palpitations, Batman!

The energy drink craze is in full swing like a teenage boy’s hormones on prom night. Is it here to stay? Will a generation of jitter-addled, loose-livered, re productively challenged adults keep posterity at bay from drinks that are pervasive among my own peers? Only time will tell. But life is short, so let’s get guzzling!

Sip #1 is a little bit of a shock. Given my prior experience with coconut water, I’m not expecting much. But it is an energy drink and it says there’s only 10% coconut juice in here. That initial sip is intensely sweet for me, but it’s early in the day and I’m not really prepared.  Another sip and I’m absolutely sold.

The rabbit hole

This doesn’t have that harsh, weird flavor of coconut water. Of course it’s sweet and processed and 90% energy drink. But, as a person who goes gaga over coconut sorbet, fruit bars and candy, this has  a great, sweetened coconut flavor. As I was drinking it, a coworker even approached me to share their opinion: really good, but they wish it tasted more like coconut. Which is true, as the sugar does overpower the coconut flavor. The coconut candy flavor is more prominent than straight coconut water.

Rockstar Coconut Water was a delicious decision on such a hot day. Not only does it taste great, but this beverage is non-carbonated and promises hydration and B-Vitamins. I’m sure there are quite a few worse drinks out there.

Nutrition Info (per can)

Calories 160, 13.5% DV
Sugars 40g
Vitamin B12 30mcg, 500% DV

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


6 comments on “Rockstar Coconut Water

  1. I had not heard about the coconut water fab until my younger sister came up last week. Now I see them every where!

  2. I’m not really into energy drinks, but I’m usually a sucker for anything coconut. I’ll have to give this a try. Thanks for the review!

  3. Thanks for the review, I’ll be trying this now! I also assumed it would taste awful, and like coconut water. Now I know!

  4. “I also happen to think all energy drinks are nonsense if they’re not Redbull.”

    That’s exactly right! Rock on!!!

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