LAY’S® Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ potato chips

Delicious and healthy snack

Who knew LAY’S was capitalized as a brand name? Well, I didn’t. And, to maintain my own sanity, I will refer to this delicious product as “Lay’s”. So don’t get confused.

I am always happy to review chips. It’s no secret that I prefer chocolate over all sweets, and all junk food in general. But when I do get the rare chip craving, it’s nice to satisfy it. That crunch! The saltiness!

I do not specialize in crispy goodies like fellow blogger Chip Review, but I am especially delighted to deliver great news about these Kettle Cooked Lay’s. And this news has to be states as a fragmented rhetorical question:


How do they do it?

They look like normal Lay’s. In fact, when I asked my Facebook followers to guess what chip was on deck for today, “BBQ Lay’s” was the first response.  My first thought as I bite into one of these guys is “Holy cow! They’re crunchy!”

It isn’t until after the initial crunch that I inspect the bag to find out what was going on in my mouth (you and your dirty, dirty mind). The bag boasts that kettle-cooked chips produce a crunchier eating experience. Of course, it boasts this as well:

Mesquite BBQ lay's chips

Fucking hippies.

Upon closer inspection, I notice that every single chip in the bag is folded. Which doubles the crunch in each bite whether you want it to or not. That’s cheating if you ask me. Like women who set the hottest picture of themselves as their profile picture and, although alright looking in real life, advertise an enhanced version of themselves. It’s the way you feel after reading 50 Shades of Grey  The Catcher in the Rye: definitely not as good as you’ve been told.

If you want to hear straight taste, though, I must say they are flavorful. The initial taste is sweet, but the aftertaste is predominantly BBQ zest. Very enjoyable, but beware the overly greasy fingers! There will be plenty of digit wiping.

In the end I would say these are a great option if you’re a chip fan. They taste as good as any other chip, yet include all-natural ingredients. It’s a nice health perk. (AND THEY HAVE LESS CALORIES THAN CHEEZ-ITS!!!)

Happy snacking.

Nutrition Info (per bag)

Calories 140
Total Fat 8g, 12% DV
Sodium 210mg, 9%

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


2 comments on “LAY’S® Kettle Cooked Mesquite BBQ potato chips

  1. This is a great post. I don’t struggle with “sweets”. I struggle with chips. It’s like a disease. Not to mention that chip technology is better than it’s ever been. Oh and I love these chips too.

  2. Nice… BBQ Lays (pardon, LAY’S) are the jam. If you can ever get your hands on the Mike Sell’s BBQ chips, certainly do so. We wrote a review about them:

    Good review, Tanya!

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