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flamin hot, munchies, chips, snack, junk food, gas station

What can I say? This gourmand can’t believe it’s taken quite so long to get into the very first Flamin’ Hot item (even Funyuns). Munchies Flamin’ Hot Snack Mix is far superior to all other flavors of Munchies. It’s got a variety of textures for a variety of temperaments. It’s not straight Cheetos, nor is it straight anything else. It’s a bag of Munchies!

I think I first discovered Munchies as a fresh-faced college freshman. That’s right, I was a late bloomer. The playful combination of Sun Chip, Dorito, Cheeto and pretzel was confusing, and at the same time enticing. It wasn’t long before my world was changed for good.

flamin hot, munchies, cheetos, snack, gas station

I can’t look away.

Here’s the rundown: I really enjoy that this isn’t pure, unadulterated Flamin’ Hot Cheeto. That’s monotonous. I am an American and I like options, variety and my constitutional right to Doritos, dammit! All that being said, the Cheetos really are the bulwark of spice in this combination. Holdin’ down the flavor fort, if you will.

The chips bring new textures to the table. I like that the Dorito is all crunch and the Sun Chip is all crisp. Plus, it’s great for people who have trouble making up their minds. After eating a few handfuls I realized that the Sun Chip offers a sweet aftertaste, even with its supposedly “flamin’ hot” flavor. My only point of contention is the same thing I find wrong with Munchies, Chex Mix, Ghardettos, etc.,: Pretzels. Nobody has ever gone for the pretzels in a snack mix on purpose. Are they a cheap alternative that the chip companies are using to fluff up the mix? They’re odd, bulky and incapable of retaining any kind of flavor, especially the flamin’ hot variety. In a world where snack mixes are grade school dodge ball teams, pretzels are always picked last.

As I said, I am somewhat biased. These are in my top 10 chip varieties I’d go for on a road trip or on a Slurpee run. If you want spice, go with Cheetos; if you also want sugar and everything nice, I recommend this snack. And yes, “everything nice” includes fat, calories, sodium and, well, see for yourself …

Nutrition Info (per bag)

Calories 1,120, 56% DV
Total Fat 56g, 88% DV
Sodium 1,680mg, 72%

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


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