Neuro Bliss

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Neuro Bliss offers an array of drinks that are in the health / energy / voodoo realm, all in different colors of the rainbow. I’ve sampled a few in the past, being so attracted to the unique shape. The grabable bottle is reminiscent of a lava lamp … but evokes memories of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and I sit around imagining I’m drinking Ooze.

I recognized nobody at the gas station today, which gave me plenty of time to browse for something to sip on. Cue these fellas:

neuro drinks, energy drinks, drink neuro, neuro bliss, beverage

Decisions, Decisions.

This small section of Neuro beverages deso not portray the purples and lime greens also available in the line. My choices were: passion, gasm, sonic and bliss. I simply went for the one that stood out the most. The front of the bottle boasts “happiness in every bottle”. There’s plenty of great copy, both informative and buzzword-y. But for 35 calories, it’s worth a shot.

Above the brand name lies the description “lightly carbonated”. Which I really look forward to. A problem I have with drinks such as Diet Coke, is that they compensate for poor taste with abrasive carbonation. The cap comes off quick and I go to town.

Lightly carbonated is right. My first sip has the subtle fizz of hydrogen peroxide on an open wound. There’s also the unmistakable presence of citrus. Is that grapefruit? Somebody try it and tell me. I need a second opinion. Despite it being on the sweeter side, this drink is pleasant and refreshing. It really is the perfect amount of carbonation.

As I like to say about the healthier options at the gas station, this is definitely better to drink than its neighbors. (Or, at least I think it is, I’m no MD). Neuro Bliss boosts your vitamins B and D, as well as Thiamin. Sadly, I drank this when I was away from the office and was not in a controlled environment to see if the effects were truly blissful.

I’ve walked past what I assume to be Neuro HQ plenty of times – it’s between a British pub and a sushi spot that serves 32-oz beers. Hence, a well-traveled route. Hencer, it’s in good company. Hencest, big ups West Side, show that local pride. Check out Neuro Bliss for more info on this healthy drink.

Nutrition Info (per bottle)

Calories 35, 1.8% DV
Total Carb 9g, 3% DV
Vitamin B6 4mg, 200%

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


3 comments on “Neuro Bliss

  1. I’ve been wanting to review these for a while but the corner store by my house keeps them in a broken fridge, so they’re warm. Then I saw them in a grocery store out of the fridge also. WTF? Definitely not supposed to be warm are they? I’ve had my eye on the “sun” flavor.

  2. I LOVE the entire line of Neuro drinks!! They are all worth a try, even the Sleep flavor (which knocks you out for 8 hours solid!! Best sleep ever.) It may take more than a sip to get into the nameless flavors but keep drinking 😉

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