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Bon Appetit Apple Danish

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The pastry shelf (photos to come) at the gas station is a recent discovery of mine. Clueless as always, I guess I’ve been just breezing by it for the last two months. And, once I’d seen it I was never really in the mood for baked goods. Which means I’m practically force-feeding myself this apple danish today.

Sitting down with the dessert I immediately wonder why this thing is called a Danish? Is it actually from Denmark? Or can you only call it a danish if it’s from Copenhagen, a la Champagne and sparkling wine?

Rather a quick Wiki search, this one. However, I have a lovely vocab word now. Viennoiserie pastries originate from Vienna and are made from puff pastry or yeast-leavened dough: danishes, croissants, etc. Many people don’t know croissant actually hail from Austria … I should’ve figured the danish is a close cousin.

apple danish, how to make dough, puff pastry, apple pie, cheese danish

Note how it stares directly into your soul.

This Danish unwraps easily (unlike the Sour Patch Kids, let me tell you) and the smell is intoxicating. As I sit here, the half-eaten danish still wafts over sweetly. It’s very soft and moist to the touch. I don’t know how a packaged treat can stay so fresh.

I tear off a bite, which is surprising. When you see a slew of plastic-wrapped baked items populating a rack, you wonder exactly what is going on inside. Evidently, it’s nothing but decent flavor, consistency and freshness. Fine by me.

The apple danish is flaky, moist and not overly sweet. That latter aspect surprised the hell out of me. Sure, it’s sweet. But some of the packaged cookies I’ve sampled score much higher on the saccharine scale. The apple filling is much thicker than I remember of danishes past. Although I could be wrong, because apple is never a go-to flavor.

I like that this tastes like a huge slice of apple pie you can take to go, but without being irritatingly sweet. What a great gas station surprise!

Because they deliver a delicious danish, go ahead and check out Bon Appetit.
Nutrition Info (per pastry)

Calories 420, 21% DV
Total Fat 22g, 34% DV
Sugars 22g

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


One comment on “Bon Appetit Apple Danish

  1. Comfort food for the couch renters. 🙂

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