AMERICAWEEK: Hostess Apple Fruit Pie

hostess, calories in an apple, fruit pies, fruit pie, pie filling

The long-awaited apple pie. Well, we’ve been waiting less than a week but it still feels good. Perhaps some of you had the real deal on Independence Day, but is there anything more purely American than Hostess pastries? They strongly remind us of the industrialized, forward-thinking state of our nation in the early ’30s. Before we all started driving cars and watching TV, when our metabolisms could still support the occasional sweet treat.

It was another day at the gas station. Much quieter and, directly in front of the automatic doors, I was greeted by this shelf:

hostess, calories in applie, fruit pies, fruit pie, apple filling

Not to turn this into a photo journal, but doesn’t this thing remind you of an empanada?

hostess, calories in applie, fruit pies, fruit pie, apple filling

La Hostessa

I bite into the apple pie and the texture is terrific: firm exterior, gooey interior. It’s sweet, of course, but as I chew my thoughts read, “Not the sweetest I’ve had.” The strong flavor of cinnamon evokes holiday memories, while at the same time being reminiscent of a donut.

However, the packaging promises “fruit” and “apple”, but the apple in the filling is marginal – it has assumed the consistency of the thick goo. I don’t think this is an ideal place to get a serving of fruit, although I would love to stand corrected.

hostess, fruit pie, fruit pies, apple pie, pie filling, empanada

That being said, I ate less than half of this fruit pie (hey, it’s bikini season after all) and still had a mild headache after eating it. Hostess Fruit Pies are neither for the faint of heart nor the faint of constitution. The apple variety is no exception. And with one pie weighing in at 1/4 of your daily calories, exercise caution (and just plain exercise) while eating.

Nutrition Info (per pie)

Calories 470, 24% DV
Total Fat 20g, 31% DV
Carbs 70g, 23% DV

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


4 comments on “AMERICAWEEK: Hostess Apple Fruit Pie

  1. “*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.” Hilarious! I’ll be back 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Anything with apple in it is good for me!!

  3. I always found these to be far too sugary, but you’re totally right, they are quintessentially American!

  4. Hokey Dinah! That’s a whole lot of calories… not saying that I wouldn’t eat it, I just enjoy the occasional chance to get really righteously indignant about something – and this is it for me today.

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