Healthy Week: StarKist Lunch To-Go Chunk Light

tuna recipes, water tuna, facts about tuna, lunch to go, starkist tuna

Excuse the glare

It’s healthy week here at Gas Station Gastronomy. I am judging my items mostly on calories, barring diet items, but I definitely take a peek at fat, sodium and carbohydrates. Yesterday I sampled some Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company which was delicious. Good snack, a little high in some undesirable categories, but I regret nothing. Today I ventured to the small corner of a shelf that had meal-ish items. When you’re on the go and not in the mood to pig out on a frozen burrito, StarKist Lunch To-Go Chunk Light seems like a healthier alternative. Notice how I always designate these somewhat-healthier foods as “alternatives”. As in, I don’t view them as routine crowd-pleasers the average consumer regularly enjoys.

I purchase the tuna kit, and dissasemble it at my desk. As per company policy, I notified my nearest coworkers that I would be eating fish at my desk and not in the assigned kitchen; I quickly followed this up by requesting they share any unpleasant olfactory experiences with me, in which case I would quickly remove my lunch from the immediate area. Disgusting bastards as they are, they told me they don’t mind. Furthermore, I was informed that one of them enjoys the smell of tuna. Gag me with one of these plastic spoons.

Speaking of plastic spoons, check out what the kit includes. A plastic mixing container, tuna, 6 crackers, mayonnaise, sweet relish and a mint (because some people aren’t tuna-philes).

tuna recipes, water tuna, facts about tuna, lunch to go, starkist tuna

I was literally too hungry to hold the camera still.

Oh yea, I forgot to tell you that directions are included. That’s right, directions. Who is the technical writer who scored this awesome gig?

tuna recipes, water tuna, facts about tuna, lunch to go, starkist tuna

Step-by-step instructions of how to eat tuna. In comic sans, nonetheless.

My first user experience gripe would be the tuna: It’s in some tightly compressed package. The pouch is incredibly difficult to shake out and the spoon that accompanies this meal is too flimsy to do a good job of scooping. And you should probably put down a tarp; once you start scooping, the difficult-to-remove tuna is flung this way and that by the this-is-a-joke spoon.

tuna recipes, water tuna, facts about tuna, lunch to go, starkist tuna

This is a straightforward snack. Tastes pretty much how you’d expect tuna, some mayo and relish on top of a bland cracker to taste. Oh did I say bland? I just spoiled my one-word description of the day! StarKist Lunch To-Go is pretty bland. If you were actually on the go, I figure the consumer would be hard pressed to find a salt and pepper shaker, or perhaps some Sriracha while on said go. Perhaps hot sauce isn’t a staple of the tuna salad eating experience, but this meal definitely lacks some oomf. However, the calorie total for the entire kit makes me think that flavor is sacrificed for health. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the sodium and cholesterol, though.

Nutrition Info (per kit)

Calories 240, 12% DV
Total Fat 9g, 15% DV
Sodium 650mg, 27% DV

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


3 comments on “Healthy Week: StarKist Lunch To-Go Chunk Light

  1. So funny! I tried the bagged tuna version, and it’s a total mess to drain, worse than a can. It says no draining, but please, it’s a soppy mess. But I like tuna. It reminds me of childhood lunches.

  2. “Disgusting bastards as they are, they told me they don’t mind.” That’s freakin’ awesome, lol!


  3. Too much plastic!

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