Healthy Week: Thirsty Thursday

Bottled water. Earlier this week I watched the Bag It documentary that explores misuse of plastic bags, bottles and everything else. I’ve been really good at bringing my mug and BPA-free container to work and haven’t bagged anything in a couple days now. I felt proud. But I told myself this would not interfere with my gas station mission. At the same time, I couldn’t think of a healthier beverage than water. So I bought six (arbitrary number) and brought them back to my office.

bottled water, evian, arrowhead, aquafina, dasani, smartwater

I sorted them by bottle height

bottled water, evian, arrowhead, aquafina, dasani, smartwater

Then I sorted them alphabetically.

bottled water, evian, arrowhead, aquafina, dasani, smartwater

I found it most difficult arranging them from most to least blue.

So that’s the fun I had with water bottles today. But the fun stopped there and the real work began.

My coworkers were excited about having a taste-off between the brands of water. (Not the tuna-loving ones, I submitted some paperwork about them to HR this morning). They said a blind taste test was the only way to complete this challenge. So it was me, six cups of water and another coworker to corroborate my reviews. Below are my results:

bottled water, evian, arrowhead, aquafina, dasani, smartwater

What’s a blind taste test without Pepsi? I know, bear with me.

1. smartwater: I feel bad for the first water. I had eaten a few Cheez-Its to get the taste of mouth out of my mouth. All I wrote for this one was, “Tastes neutral … cuz it’s water.” After trying all of them, my co-worker confidently said, “This is Aquafina,” which is a shame for the Glaceau company, charging more for that Aquafina-tasting nonsense.

2. Arrowhead: This one had a putrid aftertaste. Like plastic, but worse because it’s supposed to taste like water.

3. Dasani: I found my water #3 to be “full-bodied and refreshing”. For Dasani, nonetheless. My coworker even said it was “nice”. Granted, we drank this after the trainwreck that was Arrowhead.

4. Aquafina: My coworker succinctly stated this brand tastes “clean”. Not as neutral or mild as the other waters, Aquafina flooded my palate with a water bottle-y taste right at the beginning of my sip.

5. Deja Blue: I said it was “mild” and my coworker said “crisp”. This is a decent water. However, when you take it out of the uniquely shaped bottle, the liquid itself is clue instead of a pleasant azure. The name is somewhat of a misnomer, if you ask me.

6. Evian: Did I save the best for last? I found this one to be the most refreshing without being completely flavorless. Keep in mind, I pulled all six bottles out of the refrigerator at the same time and drank them within 15 minutes or so. All were the same temperature. Hence, most refreshing has nothing to do with how well it cooled me off.

After all these results, I must say not all people buy water based on the way it tastes. Some enjoy the sleek, aesthetically pleasing smartwater bottle. Others enjoy the what Evian say, or probably just the way you say it. But for some, price is a factor and the would be more likely to pick up an Arrowhead. One unique feature was the Evian’s sport cap. It was like trying to get into Fort Knox, and then I was surprised with the tri-stream that flowed out.

evian, watter bottles, arrowhead, bottled water, clear, stream

Somebody did a bit of fancy photo editing for me.

Stay hydrated this summer guys. Water is refreshing, mostly natural and the healthiest beverage at the gas station. However, unless you are on a particularly long road trip and don’t want to bring a cooler, I suggest bringing your own and saving the cost and waste of a plastic bottle.


3 comments on “Healthy Week: Thirsty Thursday

  1. wow. I know which bottle I’m reaching for next time I’m at a gas station…

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