Movie Candy Monday: Junior Mints, Milk Duds and Raisinets

milk duds, junior mints, raisinets candy, movie theater candy, chocolate candy

The lights darken. The screen adjusts. People pull out their cell phones, hopefully to switch them to vibrate. Your fingertips press against your bladder to be sure the next two hours will be potty break free. And you tilt the box of your favorite movie candy to get a mouthful in during the previews.

Thanks to the local gas station, it takes a lot less than a $12 ticket and two and a half hours of your life to  enjoy the delicious Sno-Caps or Whoppers. (And yes, I realize all 5 candies mentioned so far are chocolate … I’m only human!)

My Milky Way Simply Caramel post was the very first venture into the candy bar aisle for this gastronomer. So I found myself taking way too long, staring at the chocolaty noms shelf. Of course, by now Ryan definitely recognizes me and Bernard has been asking questions. Namely why I was buying so many bottles of water last week (see Thirsty Thursday’s blind taste test if you need catching up).

thin mints, milk duds, raisinets, movie theater candy, chocolate candy

If eating chocolate were an art form, I’d be Georges Seurat.

Junior Mints

It’s the dark-chocolate-mixed-with-creamy-mint flavor akin to York Peppermint Patties. I tried my first Junior Mint a few years ago and I must say, Cosmo Kramer was right.

“Who’s gonna turn down a Junior Mint? It’s chocolate, it’s peppermint, it’s delicious! … It’s very refreshing!”

If you put one of these in your mouth, it’s melted into a minty, chocolatey goo within ten seconds. However, the mint is just loud enough that I wouldn’t call it mild. In fact, the mint flavor is the only complaint I’ve ever heard about the candy.

Milk Duds

Holy cow. Putting a mellow Milk Dud in  your mouth after the exuberant flavor of a Junior Mint is like listening to Bright Eyes after finishing Beethoven’s 6th. It’s a humbler flavor, with the caramel filling not kicking in until either some of the chocolate has melted off or you’ve taken a daring bite into the sticky mess. I can’t help but use both hands to extract the caramel from my molars.

Sadly, the word “duds” is in the name, which perfectly describes the eating experience. These are the poor man’s Junior Mints, because you get 4 or 5 times the eating experience per candy.


Ok, I’m biased. Raisinets have always been the quintessential movie theater candy to me — and the reason is pretty lame. Remember the previews at the beginning of VHS tapes? Unlike pressing the Menu button, it was slightly more of hassle to fast forward through the whole thing. My family would gladly sit down and enjoy them as part of the movie-watching experience.  Consequently, I remember some previews and commercials as clearly as I do the films of my childhood. One of these was a Raisinets commercial.

I don’t really remember eating any candy at the movies when I was growing up, but whenever I saw a Raisinet I knew its true purpose was to bolster the enjoyment of cinema fans. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that raisins are utterly delicious, and stem from a fruit instead of caramel or … whatever is in the inside of a junior mint.

However, getting into this box was a mess. It’s the only of the three where the already-tight box comes wrapped in snug plastic. It also has one of those perfurated tops where you’re supposed to poke a hole. But I am of the ham-fisted ilk and just squished the entire end of the box together and had to jimmy the side open.

Raisinets have the perfect texture: between the sticky mess of a Milk Dud and melty Junior Mints. They’re silky but chewable. Oh and they really do taste great. However, the packaging rates lowest in user experience.

raisinets, chocolate raisins, chocolate covered raisins, movie theater candy, chocolate candies

Nobody likes searching for the nearest trash can to throw away their plastic wrappers.


WINNER: Raisinets

So the outside is the worst part. But who judges a candy by its cover? With almost half the calories of Junior Mints and Milk Duds, I chose with my waist in spite of the waste. I’m not sure if a letter-writing campaign to Nestlé would help do away with superfluous packaging, or if everybody who reads this should forward my review to them. Their Raisinets are indeed delicious, but who wants to waste time and plastic? You have a voice, and it’s time for Nestle Contact to be aware of it.

Junior Mints Nutrition Info (per box)

Calories 510, 26% DV
Total Fat 9g, 15% DV
Sugars 96g

Milk Duds Nutrition Info (per box)

Calories 595, 30% DV
Total Fat 21g, 32% DV
Sugars 70g

Raisinets Nutrition Info (per box)

Calories 380, 19% DV
Total Fat 16g, 24% DV
Sugars 54g

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.



3 comments on “Movie Candy Monday: Junior Mints, Milk Duds and Raisinets

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  2. For me, aspect of the fun of going out to the films is getting have fun with some guilt-free fast meals. There is just something about viewing an action-packed smash hit with a tub of snacks and some Younger Mint candies.

  3. Seriously, Milk Duds are chocolate? Thanks for stopping by Fried Neck Bones and Some Home Fries. Nice site!

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