Combos: Pizzeria Pretzel

italian pizza, combos, snackfood, pretzel chips, pizzerias

The tribe has spoken. 52% of you voted in Monday’s poll to select which snack food I was to enjoy next. Cheez-Its and Sabritones put up a good fight … well, not really, 52% is pretty damn good.

italian pizza, combos, snackfood, pretzel chips, pizzerias

Did I forget to mention Combos won with 52%?*

*Shameless Self-Promotion: Check out the photo above, as well as many delicious creations and images of mine at my gas_station_gastronomy Instagram profile. Or in this case, Webstagram.

Today is a beautiful day. The sun shines, the breeze whistles, I eat a delicious chicken, rice and cabbage lunch. To celebrate I waltz (actually, drive) over the gas station to sample the snack my readers have chosen for me. I feel a sense of validation rush over me as I head toward the chip aisle. I am 100% certain that at least 52% (hey, did I mention … OK the joke is dead) of you guys out there want to read about my eating experience.

However, an entirely different feeling rushes over me when I bend over to the very bottom of the shelf to survey the Combo area.

italian pizza, combos, snackfood, pretzel chips, pizzerias

Price pictured for transparency’s sake.

Serendipity! Praise ye gods for bestowing the last of the Pizzeria Pretzel Combos upon me. Owing to thine good humor, I feast on the fruits of Mars, Inc.’s bounty. Come, away with you, final bag of victuals. I prithee, stow thyself in mine mouth for I shall sup on thee as a nobleman sups on a tart.

As I settle down with my bag of Combos, I have a little trouble opening them. But it’s nothing a handy pair of hand scissors can’t fix.

An incredible whiff of pizza snack bursts forth from the bag. I definitely remember this from Pizza Pringles or Pizzerolas. I reach in, grab a pretzel-looking item and take a bite. It really does taste like pizza! And it’s way better than I expected! And you definitely, definitely need plenty of water as you eat these guys.

Also, please note the nutrition info below. It’s ridic! I wouldn’t recommend these for a road trip because I eat mindlessly when I’m bored and I would probably consume most of my daily calories from these Combos.

Nutrition Info (per bag)

Calories 910, 46% DV
Total Fat 35g, 56% DV
Sodium 133mg, 91% DV

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.



2 comments on “Combos: Pizzeria Pretzel

  1. Omg I love combos!! I haven’t had them in forever!

  2. […] My first bite of DAVID Ranch Sunflower Seeds have the creamy undertones of a buttermilk ranch. But just the undertones, no overtones, no in between tones – almost tastes like pizza. Not a terrible trait as I am a fan of pizza snacks. […]

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