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Thirsty Thursday: Monster Rehab

I am a regular. At the gas station. Of course, it’s been almost 4 months of regular visits and I know Bernard recognizes me. Ryan is courteous so at first I wasn’t sure if he did recognize me. Belinda works the register and, in the past week, has made it perfectly clear that she knows […]

Flamin’ Hot Hoedown

Working at a large tech company on the West Coast can be daunting at times. You pass by people from different departments for months before knowing their names. This is fine, until somebody asks you to have a meeting via email and you have to ask people, “Who the hell is Ping?” without seeming like […]

Tic Tac: Orange, Wintergreen and Powermint

“You own a Tic Tac. Gum is just borrowed.” – Sarah Dessen Along for the Ride The impulse buy. It doesn’t always have to be a candy bar. Actually, I hope your impulse buys are candy bars less than 10% of the time. As do your hips. I would never have tried Extra’s Dessert Delights if […]

Thirsty Thursday: Vanilla Iced Coffee

Thanks to all my readers for voting. I know the choice was difficult: energy drinks, chocolate milk or iced coffee. But, I believe you are getting the best of all worlds. Notice how coffee has to jump on the energy drink bandwagon and put the word “energy” on their cans. Yeah, of course there’s energy […]

The Last Fig Newton

This is how I feel about Fig Newtons. and This is how I feel when there are no more Fig Newtons. What I thought were some limited-edition berry incarnation of the beloved, ol’ fig snacks is, I believe, just a new color scheme. Perhaps the Fig Newton camp is trying to play up the “real […]

Choose This Week’s Thirsty Thursday Items!

Although it’s not an official holiday yet, Thirsty Thursday is the hallowed day when yours truly makes beverages go toe to toe for ultimate refreshment glory! Please consider the following options carefully before voting below.  1. Energy drink showdown 2. Chocolate milk tango 3. Iced coffee face off  

Frito Lay vs DAVID Sunflower Seed Showdown

Drama at the gas station. Upon pulling up today for a quick blog run (Olympic sport potential?) I notice not just one police officer, not just one police cruiser but: two officers on motorcycles and two cop cars. Four times the fun! I wonder if there’s a heist, or if my cover is blown and […]

Reynaldo’s Jumbo Burrito: Beef & Bean and Beef & Potato

I’m a red-blooded American who enjoys red meat, adopting the best parts of cultures I’ve conquered and the convenience of a 90-second meal. There is no way I couldn’t have a beefy burrito day on this blog. And boy am I glad I did! Microwavable burritos. I thought they were an urban legend propagated by Pauly Shore […]