Face-Off Friday: Nestlé Drumstick vs. Hostess Cupcakes

It’s Friday. You’ve been consuming your pre-packaged salads, diet Triscuits and light beers all week, but the chocolate craving comes around. You’re on the go. You don’t want to get caught hungry at the gas station and look like a pansy, reading the nutritional info for minutes on end. That’s where I come in.

It’s Friday Craving Face-Off. While you may have a preference between the two items, I am going to analyze the back of the package so you can be in, out and on your way!

drumstick, drumsticks, nestle, nestle nutrition, hostess cupcake

Nestlé Drumstick

With 290 calories, this is entire treat, cone and all is 30 less calories than two Hostess Cupcakes. It only contains 4% of your daily sodium, which is great for those of you with heart pressure issues (is it? I’m not a doctor.)  Plus this has almost half of the sugar in the Hostess Cupcakes, and only 11% of your daily carbohydrates.

I must also admit, this is my first-ever Drumstick. I enjoy the texture of the peanuts, which add a saltiness that compliments the sweet ice cream and chocolate. Plus, the cone is handy and leaves you without garbage to toss after you eat it. You know: unwrap at the gas station, deposit the wrapper on your way out, enjoy in your car and don’t worry where to put the ice cream stick. Definite bonus.

drumstick, drumsticks, nestle, nestle nutrition, hostess cupcake

Hostess Cupcakes

Yum. For some reason these have always been my favorite in the Hostess camp. Maybe it’s the telephone cord frosting decorating the top, or the chocolaty goodness. But, the information on the label is always a huge deterrent when it comes to these desserts.

320 calories for both cakes. Only 30 more than the Drumstick, so it could be worse. With only 110 calories from fat, it’s much lower on the fat totem pole (fat-em pole?), but takes the cake (get it?) when it comes to sodium, sugar and, well … all the stuff I just mentioned.

Sadly, this is a disappointing treat after the ice cream. Weather aside, the Hostess cake is dry and monotonous. But it’s chocolaty and fulfills a certain craving.


drumstick, drumstick, nestle ice cream, hostess cupcakes, peanuts and chocolate

I actually feel like I’M the winner here.

For anybody who doesn’t need to watch their calories from fat, the Nestlé Drumstick is not only slightly more delicious (in texture and taste), but also slightly healthier. There’s a bit of dairy in the ice cream and a smidgen of protein in the peanuts – plus, it’s lacking a lot of the bad stuff in Hostess Cupcakes. It’s Friday, stop reading and treat yourself already!


8 comments on “Face-Off Friday: Nestlé Drumstick vs. Hostess Cupcakes

  1. I’m so happy the drumstick won, I figured the chill factor would help push it over the top.

  2. Best… matchup… ever!!! I might have to try them together too just to see… if your… assessment was correct.

  3. Hell yeah the Drumstick won! There are some copycat Drumsticks out there that do not have the chocolate coated inside cone– and there is a difference. Plus, there’s the solid chocolate goodness at the bottom of the cone…. Hmmm… Where is the ice cream man when you need him?

  4. Oh goodness, Drumsticks are one of those foods I can only allow myself to have once a year (like McDonald’s fries) because if I let go just a little, I’d eat nothing but. Excuse me while I clean the drool off my keyboard.

  5. I’m so glad that the Nestle Drumstick won, but I’ve gotta say that those Hostess Cupcakes sure look delicious as well!

  6. You have a stomach lined with steel.

    p.s. I like the drumsticks.

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