Reynaldo’s Jumbo Burrito: Beef & Bean and Beef & Potato

microwave burrito, beef and bean, beef and potato, gas station, mexican food

I’m a red-blooded American who enjoys red meat, adopting the best parts of cultures I’ve conquered and the convenience of a 90-second meal. There is no way I couldn’t have a beefy burrito day on this blog. And boy am I glad I did!

Microwavable burritos. I thought they were an urban legend propagated by Pauly Shore movies. But, similar to those backwards, small-town folk who hoot and holler about UFO abductions, I have been there and back, my friends. It wasn’t half bad and I’m convinced either these munchies are more benign than expected, or I possess a stomach of steel.

The gas station is a sight for sore eyes today. With no healthy lunch packed, this is the perfect day to sample some heartier offerings. After a direct beeline to the frozen burrito section, my eyes can’t focus on the bold and colorful meals. I opt for both of Reynaldo’s beef varieties and make my way toward the microwave.

“That’s my favorite of the burritos,” new employee (hmm… I will call her Belinda!) Belinda said, pointing at the Beef & Bean. “I’ve tried the beef and potato, too, from a different brand; and that was was also really good.”

“Well I’m about to put both of them to the test,” I retort.

“OK, you just looked like you were having trouble making up your mind,” Belinda kindly responds.

This is what I get for gazing at the gas station fare for minutes on end, touching things and reading labels carefully. In fact, thanks to my penchant for close reading, I found out these hand-made burritos need to have their packaging punctured before being microwaved for 60 to 90 seconds. Puncture? What the hell with?

microwave burrito, bean and beef, beef and potato, mexican food, gas station

Look! Boy-girl twinsies!

I have to return to my office to scissor-slice these bad boys before microwaving. This just made the whole excursion seem like an adventure and like I was actually cooking something.

Beef & Bean

beef and bean, microwave burrito, burritos, fast food, mexican food

Dios mio!

The first bite is definitely beany. I rarely get burritos with beef inside, so the flavor is a bit of a shock for me. But the filling is flavorful and somehow sweet. I could’ve eaten the whole thing.

Beef & Potato
beef and potato, microwave burrito, burritos, fast food, mexican food

The scissors definitely came in handy.

I don’t really get the full impact right away. A few bites into it, I can’t believe how much I like the potato texture – it’s not too soft and takes burrito enjoyment to a new level. It’s a little greasier than the bean variety. The Beef & Potato also has more than twice the sodium of the Beef & Bean. Please hydrate plenty with both.

Beef & Bean Nutrition Info (per bag)

Calories 660
Total Fat 29g, 45% DV
Sodium 710mg, 30% DV

Beef & Potato Nutrition Info (per bag)

Calories 630
Total Fat 28g, 44 DV
Sodium 1,580mg, 66% DV

*These calculations are based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which is indulgent and wholly unrealistic.


6 comments on “Reynaldo’s Jumbo Burrito: Beef & Bean and Beef & Potato

  1. Senor Reynaldo also makes a fine cup of rice pudding, as I recall.

  2. I thought of your blog this past weekend when I went car camping with my husband. We pretty much had to buy the “best offering” from gas stations / small grocery stores. I kept thinking, what would GSG say about this? heehee! The places we went to had some pretty gourmet frozen burritos, but I was NOT sure how to cook them on a campfire. 😦 The sodium content in those things are obscene! Thanks for doing what you do!

    • Thanks, Bamboogirl! So great to know I’m making a difference … even if it’s in the frozen foods section of the gas station. Hope you had a great camping trip, filled with Ruffles, Oreos and other non-perishables 😀

      • Hee hee! Do you think they should be renamed “never-perishables”? Have you ever tried creating those taco-in-a-bag with gas station cuisine? I think you’d be the best person to figure that out… 🙂

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