Frito Lay vs DAVID Sunflower Seed Showdown

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Drama at the gas station. Upon pulling up today for a quick blog run (Olympic sport potential?) I notice not just one police officer, not just one police cruiser but: two officers on motorcycles and two cop cars. Four times the fun!

I wonder if there’s a heist, or if my cover is blown and I have to go on the lam again. Either way, I act casual and walk in. Nothing more than a couple officers perusing the Chex Mix. Phew!

Mid-mornings are actually quite pleasant at the GS. The sun isn’t blazing hot and people mill around, some of them going so far as to indulge in a coffee. Plus, I felt extra safe seeing some of America’s finest nearby. I mean, Mountain Dew is the preferred beverage of hooligans and gangbangers, but I risk my life for you good readers almost daily.

Seeing the purveyors of peace roam the aisles and buying their snacks made an uber-American wave rush over me like the waves crashing on Plymouth Rock. In my sight line are Frito Lay Sunflower Seeds: Official Seed of MLB. Wowsers! But seeds are universal. What could make this more American?

sunflower seeds, sunflower seed nutrition, david seeds, sunflower seed

My lips are puckering at the site of all that sodium.


This contest takes 2 all-American flavors of 2 all-America brands of seeds and … well, puts them in my mouth. Frito Lay’s competitor is DAVID Sunflower Seeds, with both sides throwing down in the BBQ and Ranch divisions.


My first bite of DAVID Ranch Sunflower Seeds have the creamy undertones of a buttermilk ranch. But just the undertones, no overtones, no in between tones – almost tastes like pizza. Not a terrible trait as I am a fan of pizza snacks.

Frito Lay Ranch Sunflower Seeds: Now that is ranch. It’s amazing how this bag, which is also a perfect size for seed eating and 50 cents less, has the flavor exactly right. I wish I could take the pizza-flavored DAVID “Ranch” seeds and dip them into this ranch flavor.


My immediate reaction  to DAVID Bar-B-Q Sunflower Seeds is, “OK, that’s bbq, but that’s also mighty salty.” I pretty much just use up the flavor coating and deposit the seed elsewhere

Similarly, the Frito Lay BBQ Sunflower Seed brings bbq flavor at first seed, without the sodium-rush immediately after. Smoky, familiar and delicious. This one is much more manageable.

I’m not deluded enough to tell you which flavor is better than the other. Ranch people are ranch people, and BBQ people are better.  Woops!

I found Frito Lay to have a better flavor in both flavors, plus I like the portion size. DAVID seeds are huge, albeit only 50 cents more, and hence less portable. Not to mention, seeing as one of these just-under-2-oz packages already has most (more than 75%) of a day’s worth of sodium, best not to put too large of a portion in front of those who space out while eating sunflower seeds.

But, better than chips or chocolate, sunflower seeds do have vital amino acids and B vitamins. Snack healthy, my friends.


3 comments on “Frito Lay vs DAVID Sunflower Seed Showdown

  1. :’) By the end, I had removed my tiny flag from its resting place in my pencil holder and was waving it proudly in the air. I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am that my only “coworker” is my loyal Siberian husky, who has long since stopped wondering why I’m so strange…

  2. I prefer the Frito Lays over the Davids as well… #1 would be Dill pickle, then Ranch comes in at a cool #2.
    I prefer the taste and the smaller, more portable size of the Frito Lays seeds over the jumbo, hard to carry around davids.

  3. I eat a bag of sunflower seeds each day. I think you should do this study with other types such as Bigs and Giants. There are so many good seeds out there now!

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