Tic Tac: Orange, Wintergreen and Powermint

tic tacs, tic tac, tictac, tic tac to, breath mint, candy

“You own a Tic Tac. Gum is just borrowed.”

– Sarah Dessen Along for the Ride

The impulse buy. It doesn’t always have to be a candy bar. Actually, I hope your impulse buys are candy bars less than 10% of the time. As do your hips.

I would never have tried Extra’s Dessert Delights if I hadn’t been stuck in line at Target that one time. I will write about them soon, but it’s like writing about one’s children … I’d just be gushing about the flavors ad nauseum.

And there I am. Buying certain items at my friendly, neighborhood gas station when I spot the multicolored box of Tic Tacs – sans original white! And no cinnamon! Can I do a comparison without every flavor? Eh, it’s Monday, I can do whatever I want.

tic tacs, tic tac, tictac, tic tac to, breathmint

Tic Tacs have always been a bit of a wild card for me. They refresh your breath, but are a little too sugary to compete with the big dogs of breath mints. And, with changes in recipe, they are no long the half-calorie mint: 1 piece is now 1.9 calories. Makes them somehow less adorable.

That being said, these things pack some serious flavor. The green Wintergreen (the name is really enough, huh?) is more mild and more sweet than the other two. It’s probably my least favorite of the three because of the saccharine aftertaste.

Powermint is the official name of the blue Tic Tac, and aptly so. The mint is stronger and, according to a couple coworkers of mine in today’s taste test, much better. However, after trying these two I can’t remember what original white tastes like. No biggie, because we have also have the powerhouse of Tic Tac flavors:

Orange! What we have here is definitely the zestiest of the beautiful color trifecta. I’m not sure if this is zestier than the elusive cinnamon flavor out there, but for all practical purposes, it’s delicious. I know, this little guy is in an entirely different ballpark from the mint flavors; but, alas, it is the gas station and not I who chooses my fate.

Let me know what your favorite impulse buy is in the comments section below. If the gas station carries it, I’ll keep an eye out!


3 comments on “Tic Tac: Orange, Wintergreen and Powermint

  1. Kindersurprise is my impulse buy. I guess because you get chocolate AND a toy? It seems like double the value or something.

  2. Cadbury finger of fudge is my impulse buy, not sure if you get them in America, but it’s just enough not to regret buying it cos you feel a bit sick afterwards…

  3. Oooh orange tic tacs! These are a childhood favourite of mine I had completely forgotten about ! I will just have to make a stop to buy them on my way to work! Thanks for bringing them back into my life 😀

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