Select my Thirsty Thursday libation!

It’s that time of the week again. As I’m supposed to be working (I mean, totally working on this week’s status reports, coworkers and employers) all I can think about is what delicious drink I will …. drink tomorrow. However, I am no picky Mickey and will leave it up to you this time. Today you will only have two options. But, as always, voting ends at noon tomorrow!

Option 1: Blame it on the Juice

simple orange, simply juice, the grocery game, tropicana orange juice, cranberry juice

Option 2: I trust Arizona tea’s refreshing capabilities because I’ve been there. It’s hot.

arizona tea, arizona iced tea, arizona ice tea, arnold palmer, long island iced tea

2 comments on “Select my Thirsty Thursday libation!

  1. I vote for juice!

  2. I have extensively sampled the Arizona drinks in my day and I have to say that the “Half Mango/Half Tea” (bottom row, second from left in your picture) flavor is by far the best and it doesn’t contain 90g of sugar like the kiwi strawberry and others.

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