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Skittles Riddles

  The new Skittles product is really changing things up. Now you can taste the rainbow without knowing exactly what you’re putting in your mouth. Honestly, this share size is heavy on the sugar and calories – not all of us are fans of sharing candy, so I take every package as a personal serving. […]

The 220-Calorie Challenge: Ranch Flavored Corn Nuts and Crunch Multi-Grain Marathon Bar

Here in Southern California, summer is slowly turning into fall. Humid days and tepid nights are transitioning into breezier times, and this brings other changes as well. For some, this means bikini season is officially over, while there exists a select few who watch what they eat year-round. I mean, after all the corn dogs […]

My Love Letter to Chocolate Zico

It’s here. The time has arrived. Public, you are getting what you’ve been waiting for. Ok, this may not make sense without a little bit of back story. For almost a year now (oh jeez, has it been that long?) I have been a head-over-heels fanatic for chocolate Zico. So, if you don’t mind  a […]

TGI Friday’s Potato Skins Snack Chips Face Off

I don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud. I feel guilty – like I”m letting you down. But, at the same time I’m conducting thorough research and furthering my knowledge of the gas station’s offerings. As I walk into the gas station, I have no clue what I want today. I get stuck […]