My Love Letter to Chocolate Zico

coconut juice, coconut milk, coconut water chocolate, chocolate zico, zico

It’s here. The time has arrived. Public, you are getting what you’ve been waiting for.

Ok, this may not make sense without a little bit of back story. For almost a year now (oh jeez, has it been that long?) I have been a head-over-heels fanatic for chocolate Zico. So, if you don’t mind  a completely biased, totally gushing “review” of this product, then read on.

To further understand where  I’m coming from, let me guess where you may be coming from. You’ve tried coconut water. This is a hip trend and it just may be here to stay, with supposed health benefits and new brands popping up every week. You’ve tried enjoying it … but you just can’t. It’s sour, it has a weird aftertaste or it plain tastes like vomit. Well, my friends, I’ve been there.

You may also be the type who only swears by one brand, or worse yet, one packaging. “No I understand, I don’t even like any other kind of coconut water, it has to be Vita Co Co, and it has to be in a pouch.” Well, I have yet to sample Chocolate Zico in the new one-liter carton (it’s not on the Zico site, but I am an avid Facebook and Twitter follower and keep up on new products*) but I am pretty certain I’ll love it.

*Full Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Zico, other than I really enjoy the beverage and once even won a free case through a social media site. That case is long gone and I am not sponsored by Zico. In fact, I have gotten full-on hippie and have stopped buying the bottles because I’m trying to mitigate my plastic footprint. Disclosure over.

coconut juice, coconut milk, coconut water chocolate, chocolate zico, zico

True beauty lies within.

To stop gushing and start telling you about this Chocolate Zico: Drink it cold. It’s amazingly refreshing , very chocolatey and “tastes like pudding” as a friend of mine remarked at first sip. It definitely still has the little bit of sourness from coconut water, but I think the dark chocolate works well with it.

In my mind there are three categories of food: healthy food, unhealthy food and healthy-adjacent food. Water is healthy; Dr. Pepper is unhealthy; Chocolate flavored Zico is healthy adjacent. Sure there’s sugar in it and 120 calories, but how many of you lardasses out there spend 120 calories as wisely as this? Potassium, magnesium, all natural ingredients.

I highly recommend Chocolate Zico as a healthy-adjacent indulgence. And I’m so glad my gas station now carries it.

3 comments on “My Love Letter to Chocolate Zico

  1. I want liquid chocolate pudding! I want it so, so bad.

  2. Woahhh, there’s Chocolate Zico?! I loveee coconut water, Vita is currently my favorite. I’ll definitely have to try this one out!

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