The 220-Calorie Challenge: Ranch Flavored Corn Nuts and Crunch Multi-Grain Marathon Bar

corn nuts, pine nuts, snickers, snicker, calories

Here in Southern California, summer is slowly turning into fall. Humid days and tepid nights are transitioning into breezier times, and this brings other changes as well.

For some, this means bikini season is officially over, while there exists a select few who watch what they eat year-round. I mean, after all the corn dogs and nachos I’ve documented, you can’t be surprised that I need to  pay attention to labels every now and then. Indeed, part of my mission is spreading awareness, not only of the types of foods at the gas station, but also their history and contents.

Enough preaching – you totally get me and, at some time or another, have probably made a decision with your waistlines instead of your taste buds. I originally pick up a bag of Ranch Flavored Corn Nuts because of the new packaging (please tell me in the Comments section if you think it’s “improved”). Then, I stare wistfully at the power bar / energy bar / Cliff bar section.

cliff  bar, power bar, snickers, snicker, energy, snack

Get out of the gas station! I don’t want to eat you!

Personal preference: I don’t like bars. I don’t find them filling. I especially don’t find them a fully healthy meal substitute. For an indifferent number of additional calories I could have a protein-style burger or a whole bag of popcorn. I. don’t. like. bars.

But then, the Snickers logo catches my eye. Snickers is marketing Marathon Bars as a completely separate entity, as they are not under “Products” on the Snickers site, but rather have their own Marathon Bar page. I picked up the first one I saw, and looked at the nutrition label. Here is my internal monologue:

“220 calories? Wait, didn’t I just read that exact same figure! Hmm …”

Cut to me checking the Corn Nuts bag. Cut back to me checking the Marathon Bar. Cut to the light bulb over my head. Here’s the comparison:

Nutrition Facts Ranch Flavored Corn Nuts Crunchy Multi-Grain Marathon Energy Bar
Total Fat 8g, 12% DV 7g, 11% DV
Sodium 300mg, 13% DV 210mg, 9% DV
Total Carb 34g, 11% DV 31g, 10% DV
Protein 4g 10g

The Marathon Bar is clearly made with health in mind: more than double the protein plus vitamins and minerals (Vitamin C, Potassium, etc) abound in this bar. So, if you take a regular vitamin, aren’t running a marathon or didn’t just eat a greasy breakfast burrito and need to make up for it with some added health perks, I’d say Ranch Flavored Corn Nuts are fair game. This being said, the Crunchy Multi-Gran Marathon Energy Bar is delicious. It really is reminiscent of a Snickers bar.

But please, somebody tell me how you feel about this bag!

corn nuts, pine nuts, energy bar, snicker, snickers

I’m not comfortable with change.

6 comments on “The 220-Calorie Challenge: Ranch Flavored Corn Nuts and Crunch Multi-Grain Marathon Bar

  1. I don’t know about the package, but my husband said corn nuts belong on a menu in a restaurant, not in a gas station. 😉

  2. Packaging I dont really mind but I think they changed the FLAVOR of the ranch ones 😦 those were my favorite… I picked up a bag last month of course it looked differet but when I tasted the ranch corn nuts it just wasnt the same… I gave it another try the other day with another bag and it was the same different ranch taste 😦 I am so dissapointed! I wish they kept the flavor the same….Is anyone else having the same experience?

  3. It looks like there’s a sombrero in the background of the packaging

  4. Yes the Ranch Corn Nuts have a different taste now and I don’t like it. They also used to be my favorite. Just like when the bbq ones got a different flavor when I was younger..so disappointing. 😦

  5. The new Ranch corn nuts are terrible. They went from my favorite snack to my least favorite. Sooooooo disappointing! I can’t even eat the new flavor!

  6. I miss the old ranch corn nuts!!! (j_j)
    The taste is not the same….it’s less tasty! I like the old flavor!!! Why?! What happened?! Why?!!! 왜?! 왜ㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐㅐ???!!!!

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