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Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nominee

Turns out somebody out there isn’t just reading what I have to say, but has more than likely run to the store for a Mars bar after reading my blog. Thank you to Maddie Cochere over at Breezy Books for the nomination. Believe me when I tell you I would have been overwhelmed had I been nominated […]

Peanut Butter Cookie Flavor at Yogurtland

Since I am now a seasoned Nutter Butter vet I can report back that this Yogurtland flavor tastes authentic and delicious. Well, if you can call eating two cookies seasoned. Read about my first Nutter Butter ever.

Neuro Bliss

Neuro Bliss offers an array of drinks that are in the health / energy / voodoo realm, all in different colors of the rainbow. I’ve sampled a few in the past, being so attracted to the unique shape. The grabable bottle is reminiscent of a lava lamp … but evokes memories of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and […]


What can I say? This gourmand can’t believe it’s taken quite so long to get into the very first Flamin’ Hot item (even Funyuns). Munchies Flamin’ Hot Snack Mix is far superior to all other flavors of Munchies. It’s got a variety of textures for a variety of temperaments. It’s not straight Cheetos, nor is […]

WTFriday? Chili Dispenser

Tucked inconspicuously between the sandwiches and nachos. Well played. After more than one month of gas station reporting, I’ve discovered the mother lode, the one and only, the chili dispenser. It’s been ages since I tried my first hot dog. But, there are a few more dog varieties I have yet to sample; and rest […]

Arizona Sweet Tea vs Brisk Sweet Tea

Thirsty Thursday. Because I get so thirsty, I need more than one drink.  The first time I’d ever heard of sweet tea was from a Kevin James stand up special. He emphasized how enthusiastic Southerners are about the beverage. It was noted and logged into my pubescent brain. Somewhere next to stills of Ryan Phillippe. […]

Trolli Apple Os

I did it. Again. I was tempted by the sugary promises and bright colors in the non-chocolate candy aisle. And I, once again, have horrible, horrible news. Namely that all you Trolli fans out there are going to have beef (or rather, gummy) with me after you read this: I do not like Apple Os. […]

Follow me on Instagram!

As of last night I am on a mission to infiltrate your mobile device. And who can standing reading on their iPhone (or, as in the case of the above photo, Android). Pictures are almost as palatable as a Hostess Snoball (also pictured above). My handle is @gas_station_gastronomy and it’s only taken me a 12 […]