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Very Inspiring Blogger Award Nominee

Turns out somebody out there isn’t just reading what I have to say, but has more than likely run to the store for a Mars bar after reading my blog. Thank you to Maddie Cochere over at Breezy Books for the nomination. Believe me when I tell you I would have been overwhelmed had I been nominated […]

Rockstar Zero Carb

I think today’s beverage choice ushered in a short hiatus from energy drinks. The post-Labor Day blues are hard to shake, so I opted for a drink in the same hue. Rockstar Zero Carb is a sweet wild berry flavor with ZERO CARBS! Unless you’re diabetic, the only reason you’re even reaching for this drink […]

Welcome Back Wednesday: Sliced Marble Cake

It’s good to be back! A rather hectic series of events  both at work and home resulted in my first-ever hiatus from you guys. I have actually been eating healthy foods. Greek yogurt, organic beef, vegetables. And you can’t write about that stuff because it’s not even interesting! So what else could I do other […]

Poll Day

My Top 3

Happy Monday, boys and girls. I’ve been doing the eating-and-writing-and-taking-a-few-pics thing for a month and a half; but all the masticating and reporting doesn’t give you a good idea of how these items compare to one another. This is my first “top” list and, and I figured parsing my twenty-something items into a list of […]

Mmmonday: Nachos

(The following is to be rapped in the style of The Beastie Boys in honor of the late, great MCA. Respect) Listen up, kids, cuz I’m about to tell A tale about the tasty snack you know so well: It was the 1940’s, down in Mexico Starring a maître d’ named Ignacio. A group of 30 […]

Follow me on Instagram!

As of last night I am on a mission to infiltrate your mobile device. And who can standing reading on their iPhone (or, as in the case of the above photo, Android). Pictures are almost as palatable as a Hostess Snoball (also pictured above). My handle is @gas_station_gastronomy and it’s only taken me a 12 […]

Mmmonday: CornNuts – Chile Picante con limon

Today was my ultimate case of the Mondays. After coming home late from camping last night and having a leisurely morning to unpack my car, get gas, etc., I felt sluggish. So, while I was filling up the old tank, I strolled through the gas station for a pick-me-up. And that’s where I saw them. […]