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The Breakfast Cereal Bar Gauntlet

Rice Krispies Treats – This is the original. Savory, light and delicious. Rice Krispies Treats have an unparalleled texture compared to the other three. Golden Graham Treats – Now I’m not exactly sure what Golden Grahams are, but these are very chocolatey and taste somewhat like the chocolate Fiber One bars. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Treats […]


What can I say? This gourmand can’t believe it’s taken quite so long to get into the very first Flamin’ Hot item (even Funyuns). Munchies Flamin’ Hot Snack Mix is far superior to all other flavors of Munchies. It’s got a variety of textures for a variety of temperaments. It’s not straight Cheetos, nor is […]

Blue Diamond Almonds Bold: Wasabi & Soy Sauce

Wasabi. It’s the green stuff they put on your sushi plate that white people like to make guacamole jokes about. It tastes like horseradish because it is somewhere in the same family. I was doing a little Wiki research into this delicious root and found something interesting related to true Japanese wasabi versus Western wasabi. […]

Don Miguel Monster Taquito: Chicken & Cheese

After a quiet and somewhat relaxing (you know what they say about loose lips) weekend I am back in full force. Today’s mission was to have another hot lunch item from the gas station. And I succeeded with unquestionable aplomb. Hungry and on my lunch break, I head over to the gas station and hurry to the […]

Ruffles Tapatío Limon

Whether you call them chips, crisps, wafers or “the best part about being stoned,” we all have a favorite variety. I don’t have any major preferences, but I eat them so rarely I get something familiar because nothing makes me feel as great as the unhealthy times I’ve had. Oh dear, if only that weren’t […]

Sour Punch Straws: Strawberry

It’s official. I’ve been recognized. A friendly attendant greeted me at my local gas station today, but not with the usual glazed eyes I have grown accustomed to. There was the sparkle of recognition, of familiarity. Something we get so little of in today’s fast-paced, hustle-and-bustle world. OK that was a little maudlin, but Bernard […]

National Chocolate Chip Day: Mini Chips Ahoy!

If you’re reading this you’re either: a. lost, b. my mother or c. my boyfriend. Considering you are option a, or secret option d (someone who actually wants to be here), this entry is about to get really personal. As a young fob all you really want to do is assimilate. You tell your mom to stop talking […]