Skittles Riddles

skittles, skittle, skittles commercial, candy, snickers


The new Skittles product is really changing things up. Now you can taste the rainbow without knowing exactly what you’re putting in your mouth.

Honestly, this share size is heavy on the sugar and calories – not all of us are fans of sharing candy, so I take every package as a personal serving. The bag is a nice color, but aside from very distinct flavors, Skittle flavors aren’t really that distinct. They all taste like super sweet candy to me. I just bought Skittles Riddles candy to do this:

skittles, skittle, skittles commercial, snickers, candy


6 comments on “Skittles Riddles

  1. I want some of these!!
    what’s the betting it takes forever for them to get over to the UK.
    personally I like the sour ones best though..

  2. The last time I ate Skittles, I got half way through the bag and I had a terrible stomach ache…. because my youth is over now and I can’t have candy without complaining about it 😦

  3. Yes theses are VERY sweet, I couldn’t finish the bag.

  4. Dear Gas Station Gastronomy, I am writing to request permission to use your creative photo of Skittles arranged as a question mark (see above on this page) in a blog post I am writing about autism. It may seem like an unusual match, but this particular picture fits very well with the subject of this post. The picture can help convey useful concepts to the autism community. Thank you very much for your consideration. Sincerely, Martha Gabler at martha.gabler@gmail.com. My website is http://www.autismchaostocalm.com.

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